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OFFICIAL ZERO WEBSITE and are the official websites for Zero Scooters in Australia. Buy with confidence knowing you are dealing with the official distributors and retailers of Zero Scooters.

Black Edition 10X, Black Edition 11X COPYCAT WARNING

Zero Scooters are advising customers to beware of escooters on the market with the brand name Black Edition 10X and Black Edition 11X. Read more on the Ride Electric blog

These copycat Zero scooters are in Australia and have a similar look and feel, using trade descriptors like 10X and 11X, with the brand name Black Edition 10X and Black Edition 11X. These models have no relationship to the Zero brand, and the product and marketing of them are designed to confuse consumers.


Come on down to Ride Electric’s official Zero Store in Brisbane. You can find us at 24 Martin Place, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, 4006.


Get together with friends, whether on another scooter, biking, skateboarding, or walking, and enjoy the outdoors.

City Commutes

Say goodbye to traffic, speed up your commute to work and enjoy the morning rush!

Off-Road Adventures

With a Zero Scooter you have the performance ready to go, say goodbye to bumpy rides, and go places no scooter has gone before.


Zero 11X

Zero 10X Limited

Zero X Series

The Zero X Series offers superior performance for riders looking for the ultimate thrill.

Zero Limited Series

The highest performance 10-inch E-Scooter in the market. With a new design built from the ground up and offered in a limited series, the 10X limited out performs the competition and offers exceptional value for money.

Zero Commuter Series

The Zero Commuter Series offers superior performance for getting around the neighbourhood, going for a cruise, spending time with friends, or commuting to the city. Zero scooters take the experience to a whole new level, with an unrivaled ride not found in other scooters.

Need help in choosing the right escooter?

We want to make the process of buying an eScooter as smooth as possible. Check out the Zero scooter range here. You can compare the range and get a feel for which is right one for you.

If you would like personal advice, then reach out to us here, or drop into our retail stores in the Gold Coast, and Brisbane. Our experts are on hand to answer all your questions and get you on the perfect scooter for your needs.

Zero 10X Limited

What makes a Zero Scooter

There are many escooters on the market, however there is only one Zero. What makes Zero different?

Zero Scooters are the market leaders in quality and performance. From beginner to experienced riders, the Zero Scooter range provides the ultimate e-scooter experience. Whether it is city commuting or off the path adventures, Zero scooters are equipped to handle everything in your way. Make the most of your commute and live every moment.

Performance at the heart

Zero scooters are built for performance. If you want a scooter that is tough, fast, and has long range, then there is no alternative to a Zero. A Zero scooter will get you around town, or off the path, with nothing to hold you back.

Highest Quality Components

Zero scooters use the highest quality components, and are designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

Service and Parts

Unlike other scooters sold in Australia, the Zero scooter is supported with a full service network across Australia, complete with parts, servicing and expert advice. This means less time maintaining your scooter, and peace of mind knowing that your scooter is going to go the distance.

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